How Does Urbanization Effect Us?

Logan Frey

Urbanization on the Eastern Side of the United States

Throughout the 1850's to the 1990's urbanization is beginning to take over the eastern side of the United States. The growth of urbanization can be seen in the the graphs below, which is a great representation of how much industrialization is taking place. Farm land began decreasing drastically and it can be largely impacting the community.
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Population Growth!

The world's population is growing, the 20th century began with 1.6 billion human beings; by the beginning of the 21st century that number had grown to 6.1 billion. Alongside this growth in the human population we have seen a growth in urbanization. Since 1975, the percentage of people living in urban areas, has grown from one in three to more than one in two.

Changes in California!

In California, recent land use trends have included a 4% decrease in farmland, with Los Angeles being one of the three areas in the state where new urban land has been located. The combination of a large population with a relatively high growth rate makes California an interesting location to consider the relationship between human population growth and competing land uses. The greater metropolitan area of Los Angeles has an estimated 17.9 million people, with 3.9 million people living in the city itself.
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The Future of the US!

The projected population of the U.S. by 2050 is estimated to be 439 million, which is a large increase from the population today. Due to the large increase in population of the United States, it means that there will be an increase in competition for land use.