Suburban Sprawl

Main Issues

* The average suburban dweller has a carbon footprint of over 3 times larger than urban dwellers.

*Suburban sprawl has segregated much of our lives into cars, trucks, SUV's that separate us from community, and at the same time, costing us money, time, and headaches for many.

Some say that Suburban Sprawl is plain ugliness

Negative effects on the environment

*There is less space for animals and wildlife to roam and live

*Suburban sprawl could spell extinction for nearly 1,200 species of plants and animals

*Sprawl endangers species by destroying their natural habitats, feeding grounds, and by blocking migratory paths.

Main Regions or areas in or nearest to North America affected by Suburban Sprawl.

*New Jersey

*Texas, also found in league city


*Metropolitan Area

How is wildlife affected by Suburban Sprawl?

Suburban sprawl takes aways habitats for wildlife to live, their feeding grounds, and some animals migratory path; all of these problems can lead to extinction. Suburban sprawl causes a lot of damage to the natural environment by creating and furthering the spread of pollution.

Are People Affected?

People are affected. Studies have shown that "visual clutter" can cause high blood pressure increased muscle tightness. People are also affected by thier paychecks, because even though the houses cost less the energy bills are higher.

Suburban Sprawl Affecting Wildlife?

One of the main animals being harmed by suburban sprawl are the squirrels. That is caused by all the trees getting cut down.

Who's the blame?

One of the main reasons of surburban sprawl are the real estate agencies, homeowner agencies, and homeowners.

What are solutions?




Our Solutions?

*families live together

*more wildlife reserves