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May 22 - 25, 2017

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Parent Survey

Please complete this survey! It is very short!

Parent Survey for Madison Co. Schools Strategic Plan


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Summer Coding Activities

Do your children have a lot of free time over the summer? Here are some tips, tricks, and resources to get your kids started with coding:

  • Institute your own Hour of Code: set aside an hour every week to practice coding, and join your child in the fun! An hour a week really adds up. For best results, we suggest not replacing Saturday morning cartoons with coding lessons.
  • Teach yourself anything with Khan Academy: Khan Academy's courses are great for kids of all ages - and they're not limited to coding! They have special courses designed for the Hour of Code program, where kids as young as 8 can learn Javascript, HTML/CSS and SQL. Plus, when you and your child are done with the module, you can switch gears and learn about world history or astronomy!

Need more ideas? Check out this list from Edutopia for additional resources!

Credit for ideas: the Edlio newsletter)


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Last day to charge to lunch account was May 11th.

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ALL 6th graders who are 11 years old on or before the first day of school need verification of receiving the Tdap vaccine.

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Box Tops for Education

Our submission for the Box Tops for Education for November 2016 is complete and we had over 7000 box tops. This will mean about $700 for our school. Many of our classes had super submissions but the winner, with 1,016 valid box tops was Mrs. Lang's 4th grade class. Mrs. Lang's class will receive $50 for their classroom account and free POP20 for November 4th! Congratulations for a job well done.

The top class in 6th grade was Mrs. Sutherland and the top in 5th grade was Mrs. Douglass. Each grade had some very close competition so honorable mention goes to Mrs. Orbison, Mrs. Watwood, and Mrs. Burney. The names of the students in all six of these classes will go into a drawing for gift certificates for the December Book Fair. Those winners will be announced closer to the time of the book fair.

Thank you to all the teachers, students, and parents who helped make this a success!


Next school year's calendar ------ 2017-18

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Digital Libraries

We have 3 digital libraries that our students can use. For each of them, the username is riverton and the password is read.

ABDO Digital (graphic books like Avengers, Iron Man, etc., sports books and biographies, scary books.

Capstone Library (new books have been added)

Big Timber Media (scary books)



RIS has implemented a security system in which you have to be buzzed into the school by the front office. The camera and speaker is located on the far right door. Here is how it will work: 1 - Turn towards the camera and press the button. 2 - Explain the purpose of your visit. 3 - Front desk will buzz you through the door (far right). This procedure will also apply to after school care. Your ID card will still be required when conducting business, checking in-out, etc.


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Safe to Tell

Call, text or email
(to anonymously report incidents of bullying, threats, drugs,

weapons, or anything that makes a student feel unsafe at school)

Car Rider Guidelines

1. Hang the number(s) on the rear view mirror, or hold it upright for the carline controller to see. (If it is lying flat on the dashboard, behind a decal, or _behind the upper shaded windshield, it is not visible.)

2. Refrain from using cell phone in car line.

3. If picking up more than one child, display all numbers at the same time, in a horizontal fashion. NOT one at a time.

4. If you do not have your car line number, park and go to the front office to check out your child.

5. Show only one number needed per child. The extra number should be removed, and used for others who may pick up your child.

6. Remember that we are a no tobacco campus. Please do not smoke in the car rider line.

Breakfast & Lunch Prices

Students Breakfast:$1.75 Lunch:$2.25

Visitors Breakfast:$2.75 Lunch:$4.00

Hours of Operation

7:15 am Breakfast; Student entrances open

7:45 am School office opens; Class begins

2:30 pm Class ends

4:00 pm School office closes