Minute Motivation

For the Warrior That Wants To Conquer Each and Every Day!

Open Up To Your Dreams!

There's all these plans and dreams that you have that have been deposited in you. So many more than you have actually started to take actions on in order to witness them come into fruition. We know that these ideas, if put into action, can make us a fortune, transform our lives, give us a confidence boost, and put us on a completely different path to alter or change the trajectory of our lives but you DON'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT!!!! Why!? Some say it's procrastination, some say there's not enough time, some say I don't have the finances...the list goes on...

Hello!!!? The owner of Uber didn't have his own taxi's so he got creative, Eventbrite makes a profit from being a platform to host other people's events, Icraked (a cell phone company that uses an app to get leads) makes a profit from its certified technicians that actually invest in their own certifications and parts.

There's tons more of stories...but do you get my drift???

Ask the right questions my friend, look at things OUTSIDE of the box, and answers will start to show up for you.

I want to encourage you to never put limitations on yourself. Never think that there is something you cannot do, something that you cannot accomplish. You have everything thing you need inside of you. It takes, taking a deep look deep deep inside yourself but the answers are right there as to what you need to do or who you may need to speak to for clarity on the steps you need to take to get to your desired outcome.

Dreams and goal setting is all an emotional thing, get out of that place that says you can't do this ! Get out of that place that keeps you from taking that next step!

Today is your day! Seize that sucker and drench every drop out of it full throttle!

Until tomorrow! Go Fight Warrior!