Still Attached To Your iPhone 5?

Not Ready To Move On?

Let Melbourne’s leading iPhone 5 repair specialists keep your phone in perfect working order until you’re ready to get a new phone.

Melbourne, VIC: Moore’s Law states that since the dawn of computers, the number of transistors in a computer’s microchip has double every two years. Theoretically, that means our smartphones, laptops, and tablets are getting twice as powerful every other year.

There is a tendency, especially among technophiles, to try and “keep up with the Joneses”, to rush out and buy every new Apple or Samsung product. The fact of the matter is, however, most of us don’t need a brand new phone every year (or sometimes two or three times a year, depending on how hard you are on your phones).

Unless you’re rendering HD computer graphics on your smartphone in real time, most smartphones are more than capable of meeting most people’s need. To get a new phone would be a waste and a nuisance.

Reasons To Repair An iPhone vs. Getting A Brand New Mobile Phone:

  • Repairing a smartphone can be significantly cheaper than buying a whole new phone.
  • Don’t really have a good reason to buy the new phone or device.
  • Out of hard drive space.
  • Not even using your current phone to its full potential.
  • Have a service plan with your current phone.
  • Have to transfer all of your data, including photos, music, and important contacts.
  • Will have to start over, collecting all of your favorite apps on your handset.

Come in to TelcoWorld today, and let one of Melbourne’s leading Telstra providers take a look at your phone or mobile device.

Most repairs can be completed within 24 hours or less, using all original manufacturer parts. So don’t be swayed; come into a Telstar Shop in Melbourne and hold on to your iPhone 5 until you’re ready to get a new device.

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