Alkali Metals

By: Anna Becker

The Basics

These chemical elements are found in Group 1 of the periodic table. They are the most reactive metals. They have low boiling and melting points. Most of the combine with oxygen and silica to form minerals in the Earth.

The Alkali Metals Include:






and Francium.

Flame Colors

Each element has a certain color of flame.

Lithium- Crimson

Sodium- Golden Yellow

Potassium- Pink

Rubidium- Red/Violet

Cesium- Blue/Violet

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Lithium- Rechargeable batteries, pacemakers, phone batteries

Sodium- Used on roads during winters, a part of the human diet

Potassium- used for fertilizers, plant growth

Rubidium- vacuum tubes, ion engines

Cesium- atomic clocks, several organic compounds

Francium- there are no uses for this outside of scientific research