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February 15, 2019

Upcoming Events

February 18- NO SCHOOL- Professional Learning Day

February 19- Sports and Club Group Photo Day

February 22- Fitness Friday 4K-5th Grades 1:00-3:16

February 22- Movie Night at Erin

February 25- Week of, 5th & 6th Boys Basketball Conference Tournament

February 28-Solo Ensemble Festival 5th-8th Grade

March 4- Week of, 7th & 8th Boys Basketball Conference Tournament

March 7- Jazz Night

March 8- Spring Picture Day

March 11- NO SCHOOL- Professional Learning Day

March 12- Volleyball practice begins

March 12-Boys Basketball Recognition Night 6PM

March 14- 8th Grade History Night


Join us for Movie Night here at Erin! We will be showing the movie SMALL FOOT on Friday, February 22nd at 6:30 in the gym. FREE admission. See Flyer for all the fun details!

Weather/Snow Day Information

Some parents have inquired about making up the missed school days. Without getting into the state statues and Department of Instruction rules, students of Erin School District do not need to make up any days at this time. I have completed the required worksheet to determine our status. We still have banked 11.83 hours which is 1.74 days. While missing 5 days of instruction can impact student's learning, we do appreciate the parents and students who have continued their learning while out of school by completing the work that was sent home. Please feel free to contact Dr. Kriewaldt if you have any questions.

Solo Ensemble Festival

Please join us Thursday, February 28th from 4:00-7:00PM for a special Solo Ensemble Festival from our 5th-8th grade Students. See attached letter for details.

New Interactive Safety Resource Available!

Interact is an online, interactive e-course created for parents and guardians to complete with their children with the goal of sparking basic online safety discussions in the home. This 30 minute module provides parents with the opportunity to review their own tech use to set a good example; interactive activities to complete alongside their children; and follow-up resources and activities to keep the discussions going.

This e-course gives parents the opportunity to set themselves up as the trusted adult in their child’s life. If the child sees something online they don’t understand or that makes them uncomfortable, they know they have someone to reach out to. The e-course even provides some ideas on how to start and continue these discussions, along with some bonus tips to help break the ice on awkward topics!
Be your child’s trusted adult. Interact, and stay safe!


Spring PIcture Day

SAY CHEESE! Friday, March 8th-

Forms will be sent home the week of February 25th.

Please select a background and return the form to the photographer on Picture Day. All students will have their pictures taken and will receive a portrait package a few weeks later that can be purchased or returned.

Open Enrollment

The open enrollment window is open until April 30th.

Please visit the Erin School website for more information.

Students who are currently open enrolled DO NOT need to reapply.

Box Tops

Keep collecting those box tops! Collections are due

Friday, February 22nd. Thank you for your support families!

Parents...We need your help!

FITNESS FRIDAY is a tradition at Erin School. Our indoor Fitness Friday (4K - 5th grade) will take place on Friday, February 22 from 1:00 – 3:15 (volunteers meet in the gym at 12:30). For those of you that have not experienced Fitness Friday, it is an afternoon filled with movement, mentoring, healthy snacks, and lots of fun fitness challenges. We have many local businesses that partner with our school for this event.

We need of A LOT of parent helpers to make this event a success. Your job would be to simply help supervise a station and encourage the students as they work on the fitness challenges. Please email me if you are able to assist. If you have questions or know of any other businesses that may want to join or support our program, please send me an email at

Come join the fun and help create another successful Fitness Friday. Thanks for your support and assistance in providing fun and beneficial activities for the students at Erin School.

Fun Fair Silent Auction 2019

Join us Saturday, April 13th

Believe it or not the annual Fun Fair is coming up fast!!!! For those of you who have not experienced it before, the Fun Fair is the biggest PTC annual fundraiser of the year. It takes place here on April 13th and is a huge to-do. It is a carnival type event with games, prizes, food, bingo, and a large silent auction. I have been in charge of the silent auction part of the fair for many years. Lots of time and energy is put into it. Each grade has a theme and we ask families to donate items that go with that theme if they are able. These items are used to help fill the baskets that are auctioned off on that day. (These classroom flyers are attached) I also get many donations from outside businesses; who very generously donate a variety of items.

There are many families within our school who own their own businesses or have some type of home based business. (For example;Tupperware,Thirty-One, LuLaRoe, etc.) There are also some who might like to donate a specific item(s) from your family. If any of this applies to you and you would like to make some sort of donation to this year’s silent auction, please let me know. Please do not feel obligated or feel as though you have to donate. This is just to let you know who to contact if you are interested in doing so.

Thank you very much.

Mrs. Deann Schultz (4K)

262-673-3720 ex. 4108

Baskets and containers needed please!!

4K Theme: Family Fun

5K Theme: Disney/Superhero

1st Gr. Theme: Star Wars

2nd Gr. Theme: Family Games and Puzzles

3rd Gr. Theme: Relax At Home

4th Gr. Theme: Wisconsin Sports Teams

5th Gr. Theme: Outdoor Cooking and Camping

Middle School Theme: Money and Gift Cards

Place your Bid!

PTC is selling the 10' x 12' shed. You will need to move. Will be available in May 2019.

Sealed bid due to Dr. Kriewaldt by March 6th. Just turn it into the office. Please let your friends and neighbors know.

Check This Out!

-Hartford bus driver shortage. Interested?

-Erin Soccer Spring Registration

-Jack Russell Memorial Library: Children's Programming and Teen Programming

-Child and Adolescent Resilience presented by Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, PA

The teen world can be an extremely stressful one, filled with academic, social, interpersonal, and familial demands, sometimes challenging, sometimes overwhelming. As parents we understand that roadblocks, challenges, periods of frustration will occur. Knowing this, how do we help our children face these times with courage, a clear mind, and a positive attitude? How do we help them, not only to “bounce back”, but also, to thrive during these difficult times?

As one of the nation’s leading authorities in the field of Child and Adolescent Resilience, Dr. Kenneth Ginsburg, opens his "tool kit" and offers practical ideas and step by step, concrete strategies for building resilience in our children by developing Competence, Confidence, Connection, Character, Contribution, Coping and Control. Learn how to develop your teen’s personal guide to manage stress. These preventive strength- building strategies may make young people less likely to turn to the quick easy fixes we fear (sex, drugs, self harm, eating disorders among others).

Dr. Ginsburg, a nationally renowned pediatrician, specializing in Adolescent Medicine at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, Pa., is a leading authority on developing resilience in children and adolescents by creating strategies to build upon their already present strengths. He seeks to bring focus upon the impact of stress on our children and to redefine perceptions of "success". Register Here

-Our Town By Thornton Wilder Performance- Details here.

-Parent Empowerment Series: MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS. A presentation will be held February 28th at Central Middle School. See Flyer.

-H-Club's 10th annual Shamrock Shuffle. Registration. Want to be a sponser?

-Hartford Rec Dept Middle School Event "Stuck At The Movies"

-Monches Rec baseball- Sign up here

-Hartford Rec Center- Co-Ed Volleyball

-Erin Rec Baseball! Sign Up Here

-A Conversation About Sex Trafficking. Click here

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