4C News

Saturday, May 19th, 2018

Genesee Country Museum

I sure wish the weather forecast wasn't calling for a chance of rain on Tuesday! Please remember that this trip is rain or shine event! Be sure your child is dressed for the weather, wears sneakers, and remembers a lunch.

Please be sure your child locates his/her yellow t-shirt for Tuesday!

I will be sending home information on Monday for chaperones. You'll know who is in your group and the plan for the day!

Aqueduct Park & Erie Canal Trip

You'll find the next trip's permission slip in your child's Friday Folder. The trip is free! Please return signed slips at your earliest convenience.

NYS Science Test

Our class has been scheduled to take the "hands-on" part of the NYS Science assessment at 1:50 in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 23rd. This is the part of the test where the kids will work independently at three stations to carry out investigations, make observations, and answer questions. The kids will work for about an hour. The written portion will be Monday, June 4th. The test will be given first thing in the morning. The kids will have to answer multiple choice and short answer questions.


Mrs. Close's Class ~ We haven't quite finished up Module 7 yet. We were super busy last week with placement tests and other benchmarks. On Monday, we'll start the Bridge Project. Kids will learn about the structures of bridges and then team up with a partner to plan, construct, and test their bridge.

Ms. Gleason's Class ~ The class is working with decimals. They are learning the relationship between fractions and decimals and how to write decimal numbers up through hundredths. We continue with decimals for the next few weeks. Students will learn to compare, add and subtract them. We have also been busy taking end of the year assessments. It's very exciting to see how much they have all learned and grown this year!​

Mr. Hart's Class ~ Over the past couple of weeks we have taken the math placements tests and our Spring benchmark assessments. We have also been exploring tenths the past two weeks. Yesterday we began exploring hundredths and began looking at how one tenth and ten hundredths can be equivalent. During grading of the assessments i have found that many of the students are still not secure with 2 x 2 multiplication and division. I will be working in small groups with the kids, you should plan on seeing work coming home with multiplication and division.

Music Reminders

Kids will need instruments tomorrow and Friday for band and orchestra ensembles. I think it's safe to say that kids will most likely miss their lessons on Tuesday due to our field trip.