A reflection

What will I keep doing?

I will maintain the relational trust that exists between me and my team. I believe this is an important aspect of peer coaching as it establishes and environment where staff feel comfortable to discuss, share and improve practice in a non-threatening way.

What will I take into my practice?

That peer coaching removes the idea of “the expert” and that the coach and coach-ee have an opportunity to learn from each other.

Who can I work with? Chat with?

I will work with my coach-ees and can draw upon other colleagues who have completed the Peer Coaching course such as Emily (HAT) and Gail (Principal). Also, the Peer Coach Facilitators and peers in the course (via Edmodo).

What would I do differently?

The Peer Coaching training process has made apparent to me the difference between coaching and mentoring or directing. Previously, when a colleague has shown an opportunity for improvement, I often suggested or told the colleague what to do (or did it for them). I realise this is not always time efficient or sustainable, and does not build capacity. When appropriate, if a coach-ee genuinely does not know where do go due to a gap in their understanding, I can recommend them to consider an option. Otherwise, I will use questioning strategies to enable them to reflect and potentially discover solutions to their own problems.
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What do I need to think about?

  • Which goals to use to inform the coaching process - stage goals or personal goals addressing student outcomes? Perhaps both?
  • How to incorporate coaching meetings into school routines
  • Which online tool will I use with the coach-ees
  • How can the coach-ees monitor their coaching process and share it with me using ICT?

What is the first thing I will do after this learning?

Discuss the successes that my school's current peer coach has had. Perhaps look at the structures that she put into place, and see what I can learn from that. I will also be speaking with the HAT to possibly "take over" the PLPs with the coach-ees so I can be involved with my coach-ees professional learning plans. I will also set up a meeting with my two coach-ees to explain the rationale and benefits of peer coaching. We will look at their stage goals, professional goals about student outcomes, and data.