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Math Sense: The Look, Sound, and Feel of Effective Instruc.

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Introducing the author Christine Moynihan!

Christine Moynihan currently consults with schools and districts all over the country. She has previously worked at an elementary principal, math curriculum specialist, and elementary teacher. She has a Ph.D. in curriculum and instruction from Boston College with a specialization in mathematics education.
Christine Moynihan: The Look, Sound, and Feel of Effective Math Instruction

Next steps

Chapters 1 and 2

  • By October 28, please have Chapters 1 and 2 read!
  • You will be invited by Signup Genius to be a part of a google hangout. You will get to choose an after school time or an evening time.
  • I will communicate questions ahead of time.
  • We will learn this process together!
  • I will also invite you to a google folder where I will put instructions for the hangout or pertinent information.

Chapters 3 & 4

  • Please have these chapters read by November 11.
  • I will host a twitter chat from 8:30-9:30 pm #gcisdmathbookstudy
  • Watch for a reminder email
  • Check the google folder for instructions on the twitter chat

Chapter 5

  • This chapter is due Dec. 2
  • We will participate in a slow twitter chat that week
  • I will communicate instructions for this before the chat in the google folder

Chapters 6 & 7

  • We will finish the book by Jan. 13
  • We will have an "in person" celebration to reflect on the book