Trip to Disney World

My Trip to Disney World

At the beginning of the summer I went to Disney World. There I went on roller coasters which is physical science because of the physics of the roller coaster. I also went swimming which is physical science because of the way your body moves when you move your body in the water. When we went to different parks we took a boat there and we looked at the fish in the water which is living science because the fish are living.
The most interesting part of when I went to Disney World was when I got sick at the end of the trip.That would be physical science because of the force of me throwing up. I got sick form something that I ate.

Three Things About Me

The first thing about me is that I don't like to teach myself things by reading a book or doing an experiment. I like to learn better when the teacher teaches it to the class and then we go and read the book or do an experiment. The second thing is that I work better when I work by myself and not in a group. The third thing is that I like taking notes, but not really when I have to make up the notes myself from the book.