The Jayson Blair Scandle

How plagiarizm effected The New York Times

What he did

Jayson Blair was accused of plagiarizing articles and papers, when publishing his stories in the New

York Times. All evidence proves that Jayson did Plagiarize articles and used them for his own

accord. There is also no evidence whatsoever that he did not commit this crime. They have the

proof that Jayson did not fly or travel to the places that he said that he reported at. Jayson

indeed did plagiarize the articles he published and was punished thoroughly.

by Michael Korbin

How Jason effected the New York Time's reputation

Jayson Blair was a writer for The New York Times. They looked at his past works and found that most of his articles were plagiarized.It was proven that Jayson Blair was a plagiarist He had claimed to have gone places to report but never went. He said that he interviewed people that he never met. He got all of his information from other newspapers and magazines. This damaged The New York Times credibility greatly. "Ms. Abramson said that one of the greatest lessons of the Blair scandal was 'how concerned, hurt and angry our readers were, because this was contrary to everything we stand for -- the trust and authenticity that people attach to The Time'" (qtd. in Sullivan). The fact that a plagiarist was able to publish made people doubt the credibility of The New York Times. People started to mistrust them. As you can tell, they have made a comeback, but they do not have a clean record. The New York Times found him, but by that time it was too late.

by Mateo Schwartz-Torres

How It Turned out for Jayson Blair

Jayson Blair's scandal did not only end his own career but also ended the career of the newspapers editor Howell Raines. Howell raines said in the New York Times, ''It was like stepping on a land mine.'' The result, he said, ''was heartbreaking for me.''


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