Gearing up for Distance Learning

We are stronger Together! 4/4/20


Updates keep coming so I am sending you another Memo- This will be your SaMM (Saturday Morning Memo)

Just note there was a memo yesterday with different information.

This is additional information!


If you or a family member are sick and you are unable to be doing your daily check-in with students or it will happen at a different time let me know.

Procedures for Entering Buildings for Essential Items

Check the procedure outlined in yesterday's memo

I have had 3 people reach out to me about wanting to get in the building- when letting me know that you want to access the building this Wednesday between 7-11 am

  • Let me know what time will work for you- I will assign times- you will need to be at the building during your assigned time.
  • You will have 20 minutes in the building
  • There will be 10 minutes in between staff entering the building
  • You will need to be able to get the items by yourself- no family members will be allowed in the building- Pete and myself will not be allowed to help you
  • You will need to complete these two forms Wednesday morning Entry Form and Self Screen


All staff should be reviewing this slidedeck to be aware of the district's efforts to keep students safe during this virtual time.

You need to respond to this questionnaire to indicate you have viewed it (it's just your name and yes you have viewed it)

It would be really helpful if everyone just does this and I don't have to track people down- teachers could you remind ESPs


Google Classroom

Please be sure to add me into your Google Classroom.

It would be ideal if you could turn off notifications to me so I don't get notifications every time you post them.

You aren't alone- She started last week!

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