Physical Therapist

Addison Miller

Job Description

The responsibilities of a physical therapist are to plan, organize, and participate in the activities for muscle rehabilitation on different patients.

Working Conditions

You will work with other people unless you own your own business and are your own boss. Hours are reasonable considering you have to be with the patient at the time, so most hours are within the typical work hours of 8-5pm.

Training Required

To be a physical therapist you need anywhere from a Masters degree to a PH.D, however depending on the place some companies want their therapists to have prior work such as internships.

Personal Characteristics

The kinds of people that do well with this job are those that are patient and loving with people. Considering you will be working with a variety of people, it is best if you are a people person who is looked upon as easy going, and easy to approach.


The median for this job in the state of Texas is $40.50 hourly, and $85,025 annually. The schedule for this job is not set in stone and is flexible. Most offices allow vacation and sick dates as well throughout the year. The community really depends on the town for this job, there are offices in the rural areas, and in the urban/suburban.

Education spotlight

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Interview Tips for Physical Therapy School