Our Faverites!

What is your favorite Tv program?

We like American idol, wwe and Sex and the city.

Lee kio like American idol because he really likes misic program.

Jeong-jubong likes WWE because he like fight and showmanship.

Jeong-sohee likes Sex and the city because she like lovestory drama and reality.

Sex and the city OST

'Sex and the City' Opening Credits


Bad News Barrett brings back bad news from WWE's past

American Idol

젠틀맨(Gentle Man) - 싸이(PSY) (아메리칸아이돌 피날레. American Idol. 130517)

What newspapers and magazines do you read?

We like to read our news on the internet. We also like to read many magazines like vogue, voguegirl, and Time.

Jeong ju bong likes to see men`s fashion in Vogue. Jeong-sohee likes to Voguegirl because she like fashion and cosmetic. Lee kio likes to Time because interested in political.

The runway at LMFF

Which game show do you like the best? Why?

We really like the X Factor. because many people like and famous.

The X Factor 2013 - Top 10 Best Auditions (Worldwide)

What commercialts do you like and hate the most?

We really love coffee commercials. We hate commercials heineken.

Jeong- so hee likes the coffee commercials.

because George Clooney is very handsome.

Jeong - ju bong doesn`t like beer.

네스프레소 포항(조지클루니 광고)
Heineken - The Decision

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