Act of Kindness for the Month

Giving to Those in Need

Collecting Clothes

During the month of February, the students will be collecting old clothing to donate to Goodwill. Lessons taught during this month have shown students that not all families have the availability to food and clothing. Our classroom would like to be able to donate 5 large garbage bags of clothing at the end of February. Parents, feel free to send or bring in adult sized clothing to donate. In addition, parent volunteers will be needed at the end of the month to help get the clothes together and transport it to Goodwill. Later next week I will be sending home all students with a form for any parent volunteers to fill out and submit back to me. Thank you to all the students and parents for their donations and let's meet our goal!

New Classroom Addition!!

At the beginning of March, we will be welcoming a new addition to our classroom. Our second grade class will be getting a pet goldfish, Martin. Martin will help the students learn responsibility and give them a chance to learn how to take care of a pet. Permission slips will be sent home for parents to fill out if they are willing to let their child bring the fish home over weekends to take care of. If you as a parent do not want your child bringing Martin home on weekends, just check that on the permission slip and send it back to school. Thank you to all the parents and we cannot wait to welcome Martin to our classroom!
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