Working Bikes

Lee Ravenscroft


The organization, "Working Bikes" was founded my Lee Ravenscroft. It is a nonprofit organization supported by dedicated volunteers. Lee began this organization in the year 1998 in her basement. Her and her boyfriend gathered refurbished bikes, which they fixed and gave away to countries where their technology isn't as advanced. There, a bike could carry cargo, and provide transportation.

Working Bikes started 16 years ago when Ravenscroft began to purchase and save bikes from melt yards. Now, after Working Bike's beginning slow days, they now send 6,500 bikes around the world every year. The organization mainly obtains their funds by selling a quarter of their reclaimed bikes and donations. Also, in Wisconsin, Working Bikes have an organization where they obtained 1,000 bikes last year. The word about their organization isn't announced on commercials, but word about them is spread around the city.

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Similarity and Difference

A similarity Martha Stewart and Lee Ravenscroft have in common is that they both enjoy what they do. Martha Stewart does gourmet, which is her hobby, and she loves to share her creative ideas for others to use too. Also, Lee Ravenscroft enjoys helping people by giving bikes to the needy. On the other hand, something they don't have in common is that Martha Stewart recieves money from the work she does, where Lee doesn't have many funds except for when she sells some of her bikes, and recieves donations.