Injury Prevention in Public

By Anthony Melendez

common types of injury prevention

  • Traffic safety and automobile safety a major components of injury prevention because it is the leading cause of death for children and young adults in their mid 30s
  • Traffic safety- some victims are healthy before they got into a crash. Every year there is more than 1 million people are killed on the world roads.

Other injury prevention in the public

  • Parks is a place to have fun, but if you start jumping from like high places its can cause injuries like sprains, fractures, or broken bones. ER´s treat over 20,000 kids 14 and under for playground injuries
  • People can get injured or killed if they go checking stuff out like a ¨shoot out¨ around you or places that have common crimes.

Dr. Mark R. Rosekind testimony

In road safety, we face a large and tragically growing challenge. We lost 32,675 lives on American roadways in 2014, and our early estimates show that traffic fatalities appear to have grown by up to 9 percent in 2015. I believe that the only acceptable goal is zero traffic deaths. Every American should be able to drive, ride or walk to their destination safely, every time. That is the goal that drives our work