Burlington County Special Services School District

Novemebr 2015

With November being the month for being thankful, I would just like to thank all the students for their hard work. Each class students come to swim class and it is easily seen that they are really showing their hard work. Whether it is identifying a term used with its definition or really implementing the critical cues to correct their movement. Students come in each class trying harder then the one before and I really appreciate their enthusiasm to become better swimmers. I would also like to thank all the staff who help with the routine of swim class. Without their help a safe and productive swim class would not be possible.

The Word of the Month is also being emphasized in swim class. The word of the month for November is "Gratitude". Students are asked before class what the meaning of the word is and the importance of showing gratitude. It is so great to see the students really implementing the word into actions.

Please check out the link to the aquatic Website! On here you will find newsletters, forms, updates and pictures. http://www.bcsssd.k12.nj.us/domain/306

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Take side is a skill that is utilized every swim class. Students know when they are on the side they are going to be working. It also trying to teach students a safety technique to grab and hold the side in a situation.