By Alfred C. Martino

"Six impossibly long minutes. Then absolute bliss. Or complete devistation. The dream was before them. Imediate. Inescapable"

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This book is about Zane and Ivan. And how they lived their lives. Ivan's mother had died a year before the wrestling season. For Ivan wrestling a way out of reality. Zane on the other hand well his parents where getting a divorce. Zane had a little brother christopher, he looked up to Zane. Towards the end of this story Ivan and Zane both had wrestle each other for the state level form first place.


I choose this book because it was about a sport that i love and enjoy doing. My favorite part of this book occurred when Ivan and Zane wrestled each other for the state title. In my opinion, the book is a decent book for high schooler's. I disliked how this book jumped from person to person. I would overall rate this book a 5 because its about how much hard work wrestlers go through to achieve success. I would recommend this book for wrestlers.
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