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December 2021

Happy Holidays

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Rudolf the Red Nosed Bluebird by Ralph Fletcher

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I’m afraid to say we don’t really know much about loon winter behaviors, especially in New England. Weather challenges and lack of funding prevent any serious research.

That said, it’s all about survival, especially as a newborn, alone, in a pretty threatening environment. I suspect those who survive, maybe half on average, are good at navigating the social hierarchy of loons, avoiding danger, and cozying up to other loons in a bit of a buddy system, perhaps. Must be kind of like a young child being dropped at the curb in Manhattan, with no adult parents to hold onto for safety and sustenance.

Babe at Sea: Notes on Fuzzlee from Loon Ranger Lee Attix

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World’s Largest Loon: Vergus MN

Kathy Vachowski Talks About Our Amazing Library

The Library
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Photo by Ralph Fletcher

My buddy Ralph takes the most amazing wildlife photos. We will be featuring them each month in the Chronicle. They make wonderful Christmas presents. Email him at for more information. To see more of his amazing work, visit him @ralphoto17 on Instagram.

Great Egret in autumn marsh

Egrets by Mary Oliver

Where the path closed

down and over,

through the scumbled leaves,

fallen branches,

through the knotted catbrier,

I kept going. Finally

I could not

save my arms

from thorns; soon

the mosquitoes

smelled me, hot

and wounded, and came

wheeling and whining.

And that's how I came

to the edge of the pond:

black and empty

except for a spindle

of bleached reeds

at the far shore

which, as I looked,

wrinkled suddenly

into three egrets - - -

a shower

of white fire!

Even half-asleep they had

such faith in the world

that had made them - - -

tilting through the water,

unruffled, sure,

by the laws

of their faith not logic,

they opened their wings

softly and stepped

over every dark thing.

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Up close and personal with Baxter: The Big Doodle of Turtle Island

By Reishi. ( the Dog Beat)
This big guy has the deepest bark. Perhaps you have heard him baying at the eagles in the tallest pine tree of Turtle Island. But, if you look at the video below you can see he enjoys a rousing came of chase. He is my good friend, Baxter.
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Announcing the Lake Keewaydin Drawing Animation Contest

For years people have remarked on the unusual shape of Lake Keewaydin. Is it a dancing frog? An amoeba with an attitude? A snapper giving the thumbs up sign? Here is your chance to create your own Lake Keewaydin creature by printing the image above and adding your own take with pen or pencil. Text final images to 802-345-9193. We will consider them for the Friends of Lake Keewaydin tee shirt. (artisitic talent optional)
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Local Honey is the Sweetest Last Minute Stocking Stuffer

Take west Stoneham road 4 miles and bear left at the fork to Slide In Road. Look for the honey signs. Open 24/7.
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Slush Master Adam Helm

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