Come to Texas!

Georgia Nevin

Hey you!

Want a new life? Adventure? To escape your debt?

Texas is the place for you! Pack your bags and get here TODAY!

Great Land Policy

Farmers will receive 177 acres of land

Cattle Ranchers will receive 4,428 acres of land

You could receive both!

Hurry NOW! Want to be part of Austin? This policy will last for the next 300 families! Be part of the Old Three Hundred TODAY!

easy requirements.

Super easy requirements. There are only three:

  1. Become a Mexican Citizen
  2. Follow our Laws
  3. Become a Catholic

Fantastic Land

Beautiful, fertile, healthy land, and great soil. Not only is our land great, but our climate is FANTASTIC! There is plenty of rain for your animals and your crops. There are also plenty of rivers and streams. Are you cold? Great temperature and mild climate!

Perfect for farmers and cattle ranchers.

Super Cheap Cost

Our land is only 12.5 cents! This can be paid over a period of several years. Try besting that, America.