Edison Mom Squad

Protect and Preserve

You Don't Have to be at a Meeting to Make a Difference

Moms are natural leaders! Use your strengths and passion for your family and join the positive momentum for getting supportive voters to the polls so we can pass this levy and preserve our family lives and children's futures!

Listed here are five things you can do to make a positive change for your kids' futures!

Easy Task #1--Photo Campaign

Saturday, March 22nd, 10am to Saturday, May 10th, 11pm

This is an online event.

Upload photos of yourself and/or your kids to Facebook sporting your Wildcat colors. Hold signs that finish the sentence "I will vote YES to preserve Edison because..."

Upload a new one whenever you want to!

You can also send photos by email or text to edisonwildcats12@gmail.com or 740-317-8644 with the names of the people in the photo if you'd like to share!!

Easy Task #2-- Poster Campaign

Saturday, March 22nd, 10am to Saturday, April 19th, 12pm

Drop off posters or signs to any Edison Local School

Who knows... the next time you order pizza, you might find a child's artwork!

WIth the help of your children, create a sign, poster, or flyer that illustrates why your family supports the Edison Local schools.

It can be hand written, painted, made on the computer.... no rules when it comes to creativity! Feel free to sign your name(s) and which school your children attend.

The Levy Committee will disperse the artwork to willing area businesses.

Easy Task #3-- Wear Your Support

Saturday, March 22nd, 9pm to Wednesday, May 7th, 11pm

Wherever you may Roam

Be part of the club--Families who are United to protect quality, local Education. Whenever you are out and about, wear your Wildcat gear. As parents we may not have as much time to volunteer as we'd like, but we can show that we care by wearing the Edison logo.

When you start seeing one another, strangers become united!

While you're at it, be sure to place a support sign in your car and a yard sign alongside your property.

Items are available through any Edison Local school.

Easy Task #4-- Ladies' Night Out

Saturday, April 12th, 7pm


Leave the kids at home and join us out for dinner and fun! You deserve it. Support our Local Businesses, see friends, make friends!

Moms have a unique perspective on 'school life' and what your children need. During the night out with your friends, consider talking about any questions or concerns (OR solution ideas) you may have.

Email any of your concerns--big or small--to friendsofedisionlocal@gmail.com

Our voices matter and we can make a difference in strengthening our schools! When your concerns or questions are known, then our administrators can continue to strengthen our schools! The Edison community includes YOU!

Other than that, the event is simply about going out to have fun!

Can't make it out to eat?? No problem, you can still send any question or concern you have to friendsofedisonlocal@gmail.com

A New, Inspiring Perspective on Parenting

Easy Task #5-- Blow Up the Phones

Friday, April 25th, 9pm to Tuesday, May 6th, 11pm

Your own house

We lost by only 24 votes last election. Just by talking, reminding, and putting in all the effort we have at the finish line, we can line up the voters!!

We're women! We have friends, we have relatives... we are out and about! Pledge to secure at least 9 other voters (besides those who live under your roof) to show up to the polls and VOTE YES on May 6th.

You don't need to change minds or do anything other than remind, remind, and maybe even DRIVE the supporters that you know to the polls.

Analysis of past elections shows us that we lose because people don't show up. Those figures of 'no votes' barely change from levy to levy. The only thing we need to change is to get MORE people to the polls! No excuses this time!

This is kind of like what we do best with our children ;-) Run the household, Repeat ourselves, and Carpool!