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Week of December 7th


Happy Sunday! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend with your family.

Last week, I reviewed lesson plans for all HES teachers, as per Mr. Suozzo's spreadsheet. First, it's evident our teachers spend a great deal of time and thought composing lesson plans. Thank you for your extra efforts! Feedback via OnCourse was offered to all teachers who had plans posted. Please remember to post your plans each week. I was unable to view many of our teachers' plans. I would rather not leave this feedback in writing. A blank post-it note will be left in your box on Monday if you did not post your plans last week. If you find one, please be sure to post for all weeks to date through the current week, by Friday. I will be re-checking plans not posted next weekend and providing feedback via OnCourse.

A tour will be offered on Monday at 9:00 to a family with a 1st grader. When possible, I like to give you a heads up that a tour will be taking place just so you are aware. There is no need to do anything differently.

See you on Monday!


Hour of Code

Thanks for taking the time to add your class's Hour of Code activity to our online calendar.

Last week, students were introduced to the Hour of Code and participated in a handful of Google Hangout sessions with coders. I appreciate Kate coordinating these engaging and informative chats!

This week, all of our K-5 students will participate. Let Vikki, Kate or me know how we may support you and your efforts!

Tech Byte from Vikki

Check out this link from Vikki: Code Dread

PARCC Results

We have received our PARCC results from the spring. Principals have been given permission to share results with teachers. Please see below.

Click here for district results to see the percentage of students who met and exceeded expectations.

I would like to host an optional and informal conversation/meeting for interested teachers to review and discuss results on Thursday at 8:00 in the Media Center. Furthermore, I would like to meet with the 3rd, 4th and 5th grade teams separately to discuss and answer your questions. A representative from each grade level should contact me with their preferred date/time to meet (e.g. during a PLC, before/after school, prep, etc).

Please remember that PARCC is one of the many measurements we use to determine how successful we are as a school. These results do not define who we are and take nothing away from our commitment to educating the whole child, our closely-knit community, our desire to support others who are less fortunate, our ability to differentiate instruction like no one else, our history of strong performances on all other formal assessments to date, and the list can go on and on.

Also, kindly keep in mind that our refusal rate was approximately 22%, significantly higher than the other elementary schools. Nearly one out of four 3rd, 4th and 5th graders at HES did not take PARCC last year.

This data should not be shared/discussed with parents. District administration is still in the process of discussing how/when information will be disseminated.

Finally, let me know if you have any questions and/or wish to meet and discuss.

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Title 1

Last year, we received a grant to offer Title 1 support. This was awarded to us because the year prior, we were both a Reward and Title 1 School. The grant allowed us to hire a teacher of literacy to focus on reading and writing.

Some funds were left over from last year but not enough to hire someone full-time. This year, the funds will be used to support children in grades 3, 4 and 5. These grades were selected because tiered supports are currently not offered in our upper grades. Rachel Redelico will be joining us in January, pending Board approval. She will be graduating from TCNJ this month.

January Menu

Our January Menu has been posted. You are more than welcome to order entrees from this menu. Some new entrees have been added this month including a flatbread pizza with fresh mozzarella and basil. If interested, please pre-order online. The cost is $4.75 which includes a beverage. Orders must be placed by Monday, 12/21.

Need Supplies?

Do you need to replenish class supplies? Have a "wish list" item that you were unable to budget for this year? Kindly me by December 18th. I would be glad to see what can be done to make this happen. Please realize that requests shared after this date may need to wait until the 2016-2017 school year.

ACB's Return to HES

Dr. Louise Ammentorp from the College of New Jersey has reached out to me about wanting to return to HES in the spring. As you know, we value our relationship and partnership with Louise.

When we first aspired to teach during our years in college, an educator volunteered to host us. Now, it's our turn.

During the spring semester, students will spend all day on Thursdays and mornings on Fridays. During the final two weeks, they will be at HES full-time.

We are looking for 3 more preschool-5th grade teachers at HES. Please let me know ASAP if you would like to host two junior education majors. Thanks, as always, for your consideration and commitment to supporting others.

Reminder: Governor's Educator of the Year

Please consider nominating a colleague! Forms can be accessed by clicking here. Friday is the deadline!

Upcoming Events

12/9 - PTO meeting (off-site) at 12:00 pm

12/22 - December Whole School Meeting led by 5th grade

Upcoming Professional Development Days

2/2 - Olivia Wahl (grade 4)

2/3- Olivia Wahl (grade 3)

2/4 - Olivia Wahl (grade 5)