Are Steroids a really good choice?

Be safe don't take steroids.

Why you shouldn't take steroids

About every baseball player did steroids and some of there careers have ended. Or they have got suspended for a whole season. Steroids can make your bones fail and they wont work anymore. Steroids can even have a reaction to your skin and it can turn your skin as read as a rose. So don't take steroids it is a road to disaster
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Why is it a problem

A lot of people think that steroids are good for you. But they are really not. Steroids wont make you run fast or make you really strong it can really make you feel like you are a 90 year old man ready to die. You may see people way big and you think that they are on steroids but they are really not. They really work out and if you want to be like them then you should work and maybe you will be big and strong like them. So the choice is simple don't take steroids.


Steroids are usually in sports to increase your game. But steroids can really make you so you cant play sports anymore. Steroids can weakening your muscles. Steroids have 17 carbon atoms. in a four ridged structure. This can lead to your body getting weaker. Alex Rodriguez took steroids and was banned from the majors for almost a whole season. "Steroids are compounds processing the skeleton." From "Of course it is still cheating." From the only good reason to ban steroids from baseball. Steroids are the cheating key in sports. When you take steroids take it at your own risk because there is weakening in your body

Positive and Negative.


If you play sports and you want to get better don't take steroids because if you don’t take them you can live a long and healthy life. Steroids can't help you they only make you weak. If you don't take steroids you can live longer than the people that take steroids.


If you take steroids then you are taking a risk of having to end a career and have your bones give up on you. When you take steroids it does not mean that you are going to be big and buff. When steroids are in your body that means that you are going to have you bones stop working.