TUSD Robotics Tournament

Information for Teams and Coaches

Welcome to Our Tournament!

We are very proud to be an official VEX event partner and hope that we will provide an enjoyable experience for all of the students, coaches, and families. This is an official tournament and we will send several teams to the CA State VEX Robotics Championship from this event.

It is extremely important that all students and coaches read through this information carefully and come prepared to the event.

Saturday, Jan. 12th, 7:15am-4:30pm

11555 Culver Drive

Irvine, CA

Event Facilities

The tournament will be held in the Gym with 2 game fields on the floor and bleachers for viewing and a Robot Skills field off to the side. The pit stations and practice field will be set up in the Mulit-Purpose Room (MPR) located next to the Gym.

ONLY 3 team members will be allowed to enter the game field area for matches. All other team members, coaches, and family members must view from the bleachers and must remain behind the caution tape.

No food or drink is allowed in the Gym but it is OK to have food or drink in the pit area in the MPR.

Each team will be provided a table with one outlet at the end of an extension cord. You will need to bring your own power strip.


There is parking in front of the school. If the parking lot becomes full, follow the signs to park behind the gym on the outdoor basketball courts.

Event Schedule

7:15 am Doors Open

7:30 am Team Check-In / Turn in Notebooks
7:45 am Robot Inspections Begin
8:45 am Team Meeting in Gym
9:00 am Opening Ceremony
9:15 am Qualifying Matches Begin
12:00 pm Lunch
12:30 pm Qualifying Matches Resume
2:00 pm Qualifying Matches End/ Alliance Selection Begins
2:30 pm Finals Matches Begin
3:45 Closing Ceremonies and Awards
4:00 pm Event Ends
4:00 -5:00pm Clean Up

Each team will participate in 6 qualifying matches. We run a 3-minute cycle between matches. In order to run this tight of a schedule, teams must check in to the Queuing table 2 matches prior to their match. Teams will set up on the field during the match prior to their match with the assistance of two referees.

Once the head referee arrives at the field for the upcoming match, teams have one minute for any last minute adjustments.

**Please note: If a team has not arrived at the field before the head referee arrives, they will not be allowed to set up.

Lunch & Snack Bar

Teams outside of TUSD will receive 4 lunch tickets per team at check-in. Additional lunch tickets may be purchased for $5.00 at the check-in table.

Lunch will include a slice of pizza, chips or salad, drink and a cookie.

Other food items may be purchased at the snack bar located at the check-in tables.

Pit Area

The pit area is located inside of the MPR in the building next to the gym. This is where students will repair robots and use the practice field.

Please bring your safety glasses, spare parts, tools, batteries, chargers, programming cables, and laptop. We will have free Guest wi-fi available the day of the tournament.

Please be considerate of the time you spend on the practice field. All teams should get a chance to use the field and this will be monitored.


In order to be eligible for most awards, teams will need to sign up for a time slot to be interviewed. Interviews will take place inside of a room next to the pit area. Teams should be on time for their interviews with their robots and any display boards that they might have created to help explain their designs to the judges. Please sign up for the interview time slot early in the day as all interviews will be completed before lunch.

Team Check-In

The check-in table will be located at the entrance of the MPR. Teams who would like to qualify for the excellence or design awards must turn in a notebook to the check-in table by 8:15 am. All teams must check in by 8:30 am or they will be dropped from the qualification match schedule.

Robot Inspections

Please use the robot inspection checklist below to make sure robots meet all the criteria and constraints as described in the game manual. Robots that do not meet the specifications will not be allowed to participate in the event.

Robot Inspection Checklist (legacy)

Robot Inspection Checklist (V5)

Consent Forms

Please have all students complete and have signed by parent or guardian:

VEX Release Form

We encourage you to complete the consent forms electronically this year. Once your consent forms are uploaded, they are good all season for every event.

REC Foundation Electronic Consent Forms


We take great pride in the level of sportsmanship displayed at TUSD tournaments.

Please help us keep our tournaments an enjoyable experience and be respectful to all who attend. Our volunteers are very appreciated and we expect that they will be treated with the utmost respect.

Refrees and Rulings

Please come prepared and understand the rules for the game "Turning Point". The referee training videos may be useful to help prepare teams for the competition.

Referee Training Videos

Understand that the head referees rulings are final. We will not use video replay to analyze matches. If you find that the referees have inaccurately scored a match, you must ask for a recount before robots are moved from the field. Once robots have been removed from the field, the scores are final.

Please do not argue with the referees or abuse the time-out privilege as this will make for a very long day. We understand that teams are highly competitive and our referees are fair and consistent with their rulings to provide the best experience possible for all teams.

No Swapping Teams the Day of the Event

A quick warning in advance, there will be no swapping out teams the day of the event. If you have a team that is unable to participate and want another team to take their place, please email Cari Williams at the email address below by 6 pm the night before the event.

Thank you!

We are looking forward to hosting this event. See you soon!

Any questions, please email Cari Williams at cwilliams@tustin.k12.ca.us