Endeavour Library Newsletter

October 2017

What is Destiny Quest???

3rd-5th grade students are being introduced to the kid-friendly way to search the Endeavour library catalog called Destiny Quest. It is much more visually appealing and will be easier for Kindergarten-2nd grade students to try their hand at searching for a book through the computer. Destiny also has many interactive features that will be introduced to students, such as putting a book on hold, reviewing a book and recommending a book to a friend.

What's Happening in the Library this Month??

Second Step Book Suggestions - October

Below are a few books that might reinforce your October Second Step lessons. The lessons build on each other from grade level to grade level so a book might be useful to you down the road as well. Most of the books below are in our library so feel free to check them out!

Technology Tips!

Draw and Tell iPad App from Duck, Duck, Moose

Thanks to a recent partnership with Khan Academy, Duck Duck Moose has made its terrific Draw and Tell iOS app completely FREE. With Draw and Tell, young students can easily create an animated screencast complete with voice, drawings, images, and objects. As a result, it's simple for emerging learners to create digital stories or presentations on any number of topics.


Name Picker Ninja

Name Picker Ninja is free tool for quickly choosing names at random. Using Name Picker Ninja is a simple matter of pasting or typing a list of names into the "add names" field in Name Picker Ninja and then clicking "go!" The names in your list will scroll and stop on a randomly selected name.

Thanks for Reading!