By: Hannah B 1st period


Thailand is a very beautiful county and cultural too. It has everything from the warm climate and relaxing beaches to Buddha's and Buddhist temples. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok and not only the most populous city in the country, but it's also the greatest eating city in the wold. If you visited this country people would speak Thai and ethnically 75 percent out of the 64 million population is Thai. Unfortunately you could not use the US currency, you would have to use the currency of Thailand which is Thai Baht. This is also a great country for tourism with their tourism industry. Did you know Thailand is the 18th most visited country in the World Tourism rankings, so who knows even you might want to take a nice vacation with the whole family to Thailand!

Slogan- "Paradise is Thailand"

Geography and Climate

Thailand is located in the middle of Southeast Asia. The coordinates are 15 00 North and 100 00 East. Thailand is also located by the equator which makes it a very beautiful country. These temperatures average from a range of 38 °C (100.4 °F) to a low of 19 °C (66.2 °F). In North Thailand there are many mountain ranges like the Daen Lao Range. On the west side of Thailand the Dawna Range forms the western border of Thailand between Mae Hong Son and the Salween River. Although there are also monsoons if you love tropical, warm, and sunny weather, you're going to love Thailand!

People and Culture

People in Thailand speak Thai along with their secondary language, English. Thai people also have 44 consonants, 32 vowels, five tones, along with a script of Indian origins. Thai people had a long history, they were immigrants, painters writers, sculptors, dancers, musicians, and architects. All these skilled things helped shaped their culture. Along the lines of Thailand's culture, people of Thailand are also ethnically 75 percent Thai, 14 percent Chinese, and 10 percent other. Thai people love spicy food, are very smart, and raised up to be respect their authorities and people around them.

Thailand's culture are influenced by India, China, and Cambodia. The beliefs of Buddhism was introduced to Thailand during the reign of Asoka, the great Indian emperor. This influenced many people to Thailand's culture. Another culture of Thailand is their food, they are very famous for their spicy food and also sour, sweet, salty, and bitter. This is called Thai Cuisine.

Government and Citizenship

The king of Thailand King Bhumibol Adulyadej is the worlds longest monarch since 1946, he also has a wife Sirikit. Thailand has been a constitutional monarchy under parliamentary democracy system since 1932. The Monarchy and the Royal family are very well respected in Thailand. In Thailand there is also a Prime minister which is head of the executive branch and also leader of the Cabinet of Thailand.

To protect human rights the military junta, a Council for National Security, made a Constitution in 2007 stated that "The human dignity, rights, liberty and equality of the people shall be protected." Because of this people are able to vote at the age of 18, voters must be a national of Thailand; if not by birth then by being a citizen for 5 years, and has to be registered ninety days before the election at his constituency. Women of Thailand started voting in 1932 and has many rights since then.

Kids in Thailand have many parts to school, they have pre-school, primary school(elementary and some of middle school 1-6), secondary school(high school), and post-secondary education (college).

The justice system of Thailand are based on the civil can and influenced by the common law. Like the United States Thailand has many laws like the Constitutional Law, Criminal Law, and Immigration Law to keep citizens of Thailand safe.


The Economy of Thailand is a newly industrialized economy meaning there are many industries buying and selling goods. Thailand's economy also grew 6.4 percent in 2012 and expected to keep growing through the years. This economy is the second biggest economy after Indonesia . Although Thailand's economy is the second biggest their

Gross domestic product (GDP) or total value of goods produced and services provided in a country during one year is remaining very low. The economy is also very productive in their in industries of tourism, agriculture, forestry, and fishing. The economy also a bid part in manufacturing to two automakers well known of Toyota and Honda.

Thailand exports electronics, computers and integrated circuits, rice, fuel & lubricants to Japan, North America, and Europe.

An import is any good or service brought into one country from another country in a legitimate fashion, used in trade. Import goods or services are provided by foreign producers. Thailand imports $196.3 billion dollars worth of goods.