Distance Learning at Jackson

Principally Speaking with Mrs. Miller

Jackson Parents/Guardians,

As we begin our second week of Distance Learning, please remember that this is new for all of us! Your teachers have been hard at work to ensure that students have virtual lessons ready. Even though Monday is a planning and meeting day for all staff, students can work on the lessons at any time. We are hoping that students will commit to doing classwork on Tuesdays-Fridays, but there is always a task or lesson or activity to do any day of the week. Just make sure that you and your students are not overwhelmed with work. Just take it one day at a time and one task at a time. We will figure this out together!

Activity packets will be mailed to families without technology on Monday and Tuesday of this week. There should be enough work in each packet to last until the end of May (although we are only scheduled for Distance Learning until April 30).

Do not hesitate to reach out to Jackson staff at any time! Classroom teachers have set office hours, but you can send an email at any time.

I want to thank you for truly being a partner in your child's educational career. We will get through all of this together!

Stay safe, healthy, and take care of each other!

Thank you,

Sara Miller


Week of April 6-10

Monday, April 6:
  • Teacher Professional Development and Planning Day to prepare for distance learning

Tuesday, April 7 - Friday, April 10:

  • Teachers and support staff will continue to engage with students through either Seesaw, Schoology, Remind, Dojo, or through Teacher Websites.
  • Please reach out to your teacher via email at any time or on the phone during their office hours.
  • Activity packets will be coming home to students this week, who do not have technology.

From the Jackson Library with Mrs. Sobecki


Do you remember how to access your District 11 email? If not, watch the video below. Then, send your teacher(s) and/or Mrs. Miller an email. We want to keep in touch and we WILL write you back!


Mrs. Thomas' Counseling Corner

Hello Jackson Students and Families/Guardians,

I hope you and your family are well and staying healthy during this time. Please remember that Colorado Springs School District 11 is looking out for the best interests of our community, students, and staff to prevent any community spread or diagnosis of the virus in this area. While we transition to online/distance learning these next couple of weeks, I want you to remember that I am here to support you and your family the best I can. I am providing you with some resources below.

You can access and contact me with questions or if your child needs to talk with me through my email or phone number. I will upload guidance lessons or video links in the “files” section that your child can watch and complete.To schedule a WebEX or phone call session, please contact me with a date and time. I will confirm, then create a meeting, and send you a link with access to it.

The following are ways to contact me:

· Email: Sharon.thomas@d11.org

· Phone Number: 719-328-5836

· Office Hours: Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 10:00 am and 2:00-3:00 pm

· School Counselor Page on Jackson – D11 Website

Please do not hesitate to contact me if your child needs help or support during this time. As a school counselor, I care about your child’s well-being and know this is affecting each family’s daily routines, mental health and outlook.

We will get through this together!

Thank you,

Mrs. Sharon Thomas

School Counselor - NBCT

Jackson Elementary School

Additional Information

  • Teachers have "Teacher Websites" on the Jackson website. They will be updated regularly.
  • Parents/Guardians-please check the "Student Resource" page on our website for new links with activities.
  • Colorado has extended the Stay at Home Order until April 30th. Therefore, District 11 will remain closed until at least April 30th. Stay tuned for more information.

Jackson Contact Information

Please remember that all teacher phone numbers and email addresses can be found on Jackson's website under "Staff Directory." (link below) If you call your teacher's work phone number, you will be directly connected to them! Also, feel free to email them or use Remind/Dojo.