Watch anime on TV is very interesting hobby. Anime - Japanese animation for childrens and adult audience. Anime - the most popularity animation in the world. Anime is different characteristic manner of drawing the characters and backgrounds. It is published in the form of television series and films distributed on video media, or intended for cinema. Plots can describe a lot of characters, a variety of different places and eras, genres and styles.
Anime have a lot of genres. Some examples of anime: Shaman King, Naruto, Bakugan, Voleyball, Revolution, New Year.
The word "anime" is derived from the English word animation. Currently, the term "anime" has entered the international lexicon. Some sources claim that the word "anime" comes from the French phrase dessin animé. The Japanese word "anime" refers to any animation, regardless of its identity and the country of production. Until the mid-1970s, it was used instead of the term "manga eiga". With the spread of Japanese animation outside of Japan, the word began to enter into other languages, including Russian, as the designation of animation that is produced in Japan or having its distinctive stylistic features.
The Japanese language is completely absent peculiar Russian accent force, so the Japanese words borrowed from Russian, usually receive the emphasis depending on the traditions of the pronunciation of words in Russian. The word "anime" in the Russian language has no accent settled, it spreads out two variants of pronunciation - anime and anime. Ever, if you follow the rules of pronouncing the Russian language, the emphasis is on the last syllable, as in the words of macrame, resume, reputation, karate. Such as the pronunciation of anime, of course, to the inclusion of the word in the dictionary is not a sign of ignorance, but it is not recommended.
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Watch anime is very interesting and fun hobby. The best blogger and singer 'Bitard671' tell in video and songs about anime.