Types of Application Software

This page is all the different types of application software

Application software

There are many different types of applications and they all can be divided into different categories. Package software, Generic software, Integrated software, Specific software, Bespoke Software. Package software is a bundle of files necessary for a particular program to run along with a form or documentation to help the user get the program started. Generic software is the most appropriate for a wide range of tasks. Because it can be used in many different areas of work; Home, Schools and even businesses. Integrated software is a package several distinct applications also there will always be more than two application packages. Microsoft Office is an integrated software because it comes with lots of different software applications. The advantages of this is that it will be cheaper than buy each application individually also it is easier to transport the data from one of the modules to another. Specific software always just perform one particular task. Bespoke software are written specifically for a business or organisation and is only really useful to them.