Ayiti pa renmen esklavaj!

Free Haiti, Free slaves!

Haitians Revolt!

Join our slave rebellion! Are you tired of being treated unfairly by the French? Then you need to rise up and take a stand for what you think is right! They told us that we would be treated good and they aren't doing as they promised. Create a new republic in which you will have a say in what happens.

Slaves act first...

Led by Toussaint l'Overture on August 21 1791, the enslaved were the first to fight and they rebelled against the planters . In 1792 they had gained control of 1/3 of the island. In 1793 the British came in and tried to conquer the colony but l'Overture's forced defeated them a series of times and so the Brit's withdrew in 1798. Later the Polish and the Spanish army became allies.

Test your Knowledge!

1. Was Toussaint l'Overture a slave when he led the 1st rebellion?

2. Why do you think that Toussaint l'Overture wanted to fight against civil rights?

3. based on the link above what were the 3 remaining groups who did not have a say?