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How We Will Escape From The Age Old American Problem

Few men have been able to tackle an age old American problem & it seems as though there is only one man in our contemporary time who has laid a more firm foundation than ever before.

A little man who never finished elementary school, but who would go on to produce students who confounded the world and who (in his absence) continue to develop others. He developed not just an agenda, but a concrete action platform that to this day nearly 90 years later stands as a direct move to circumvent the myth of what many over the centuries have coined, "The Laziest People on the Planet".

Now why would I take the time to point this out? Why would I choose to speak to a wide audience about a man who solved the "Age Old American Problem?"And just why, would I post these facts in such manner?

The reason, simply put.....NOW IS THE TIME!

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad is a time tested sage who has helped America benefit from His Wisdom though for the most part America has not accepted. However, there are growing populations slowly imparting his program among themselves and are successful in doing so.

From his departure in 1975 until now we have seen the manifestation of what he espoused that all of what he has said can not be refuted. As such, we should look closer and deeper at His ECONOMIC PROGRAM and see that it has actually been one of most tried and truest base for any people lifting up from Poverty.....AMERICA'S AGE OLD PROBLEM!

Though His work largely focused on Black people it is no wonder that the principles laid out are for any people of the four corners of the Earth. So, to see for yourself the jewels of His teachings, pick up a copy or a few of Message To The Blackman in America by The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


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