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Midsummer Madness comes to Ruislip!

I'm Gayle Edwards, aka The Breakthru' Diva for Businesses on the Up!, and also the Group Leader for the Ruislip & Pinner Group.

Last month, in May, we had record numbers attending our Netwinning Group and looking forward to the same again in June, especially as we approach the longest day of the year this month. It is around this time that many business owners, professionals and entrepreneurs like yourself start to reassess their half year goals. This is the time when we know that if we are to make good on the goals we set at the beginning of the year, then we need to get motoring. This is the time when many of us become that little more frenzied as we race against the clock due to Summer holidays approaching and ... dare I say it... the festive season becoming ever closer! Yep, Midsummer Madness starts to gain momentum!

Thankfully, at this month's Fabulous Women & Marvellous Men meeting we have the wonderful Dr Mariette Jansen - aka Dr De-Stress - with us who will be showing us the importance of staying in the moment so that we can, ultimately, increase our productivity without burning ourselves out.

During this meeting, you will have the opportunity to also discover how you can work smarter and not harder by collaborating with other attendees. Hosting this Netwinning group is a perfect partnership with Fabulous Women & Marvellous Men as we are in the unique position of ensuring that EVERYBODY benefits when they attend our meetings. There is no professional exclusivity as we know that business is built on relationships and trust and it really doesn't matter if there is only one of each profession in a group, if there is no relationship and no trust then there is no business! We actively encourage and embrace collaboration and not competition! Whatever your business, we are here to help you grow:

*Beauticians *Florists *Car Services *Building & Maintenance *Accountants *Solicitors *Business Consultants *Therapists *Network Marketing Professionals *Jewellery Makers & Retailers *Photographers *Designers *Estate Agents *Health & Fitness... and more

Our agenda is flexible and focussed around you and your requirements. This month we are running a Spring Promotion (until 30 June 2015) where all 'First Time Visitors' pay only £10.00 and Members who bring along 2 or more Guests get their monthly fee paid for by me!

Spaces are filling up so please book in advance, by clicking here or, alternatively, you can turn up on the day - though I can't guarantee you refreshments if you don't book in! Once you have booked in, turn up with your business cards, any sales materials - even products that you would like to showcase - and any challenges you maybe facing and, of course, you can pay by cash when you arrive.

Bonus Workshop - Netwinning Strategy Training 12.30pm - 2.00pm

Networking is often overlooked as a vital part of a business' Marketing Strategy. During this interactive session, I will be demonstrating how networking is more than exchanging business cards and hoping that the business will come in! Our unique concept of Netwinning will show you how:

  • It can help you to create greater impact within your marketplace
  • To position yourself as an Expert
  • To create a memorable introduction in just 60 seconds
  • To build relationships that are mutually beneficial
  • To plan your networking strategy in line with your business objectives

This workshop will take place from 12.30, immediately after the meeting. It will be an interactive workshop and is complimentary to ALL members across the entire Fabulous Women & Marvellous Men Network and only £10 for Guests.

If you are already a Fabulous Women & Marvellous Men member and want to ensure that you are getting the most from your membership, then this workshop is most certainly for you and, of course, is complimentary to you.

We also welcome Guests to our Netwinning Strategy Training as this will also increase your effectiveness whilst you are networking and at a cost of just £10.

We look forward to welcoming you at The Tudor Lodge on 9th June.

Click here to book this workshop.

I'm looking forward to welcoming you to our meeting and helping you to accelerate your business even further.


Ruislip & Pinner Netwinning Group

Tuesday, June 9th, 10am-12pm

Tudor Lodge Hotel, 50 Field End Road, Eastcote, HA5

This Month's Speaker: Dr Mariette Jansen, aka Dr De-Stress

Dr Mariette Jansen is a psychological coach, mindfulness teacher, author, and life changer. She works with individual clients, using psychology models, coaching tools and meditation techniques to create a stress free life. Specialty areas are work-life balance, confidence, food and eating issues and general stress.

An interactive talk that will take you on a journey of awareness and discovery, offering food for thought and a better position to make choices.