By: Morris Gleitzman


For a year now the Nazis have been controlling and killing Jews. But those who do not get killed and get away will have some of the biggest events happen to them in their lifetime. Now when you read this book you find out about 2 kids who have escaped.

Since they escaped Felix (10) and Zelda (6) have been hiding with nothing to eat or drink but soon enough that will all change. It has been 4 days since a woman decided to help us out by hiding us. But as we start to know her we start to cause havoc on her farm. Will they get caught or will they stay hidden until the Nazis are gone?

Who would enjoy this book?

Well if you like books that are mysterious and have action then this is the series for you.

Real Facts

- They killed Jews by lying to them.

- Jews changed their name/race/religion to hide.

- If 1 Jews killed a Nazi multiple Jews would get killed until they found out who it was.

This is the order thet the series goes

I rated this book with 5 stars but you have to read Once first though