H.M.A.S Barry Launch date!

We're building a boat & then we're setting sail

Yes, we plan on finishing this boat

Good day everyone,

What rhymes with ‘Boat, the Parent’s house, Birthday, Boobies and Passed Exams?’

Answer, nothing.

Also, I threw in boobies because everyone loves those delightful pillows of flesh. They’re very eye catching, even when written.

HMAS set sails

Saturday, Dec. 14th 2013 at 1pm

Darook Park, Cronulla, New South Wales, Australia

Cronulla, NSW

My Dad and I have been building a boat. This is a significant milestone as the last thing we built was a 4.5ft launch ramp in 1998 that nearly took all the lives of those who dared launched off her. Any, back to the boat, she’s a beauty and we want to share our first voyage with friends and family.

The boat is to grace the crystal waters of Darook Park at 2pm, Saturday Dec 14th. So bring along some beverages, speedos and your finest instagram Camera to celebrate this variety of lovely little milestones.

Bu boku başlatın – that’s Turkish for, 'Launch that shit’

1.00pm - Arrive

1.30pm - Admire HMAS Barry

2.00pm - Put Barry in the drink

2.05pm - Crack a bottle of champas on her

2.10pm - Panic a little, is she taking on water?

2.11pm - Nope, she's a-ok, now let's enjoy ourselves!