Lamprey eels

How does the Government react if other animals got harmed?

Vampires of the deep!!!

Lamprey eels is a type of eel that is dangerous and is a type of invasive species. They attack fish and some sharks and suck the blood out of them. This is bad because fish population is going down massively. Once the lamprey attaches on to the fish and takes out their blood, it dies. Many fisherman are mad because they saw lots of fish with a hole in them by lampreys and they get money by catching "alive fish" not a dead fish. This is how the lamprey process works.



The first sub question - "How often does lamprey eels breed"

This was my first sub question. I chose this question because sometimes it takes more that one lamprey to take out an underwater animal like a shark, or just a big fish. This will help answer my big question by seeing where lampreys live and it could seeing where lampreys can travel when the spawn. The answer to that question was 35,000 - 100,000 eggs
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Second sub question - "How might the lamprey eels survive the changes that's happing to them"

This is my second sub question. I chose this question because lamprey eels can still effect other animals in a bad way and trying for one month isn't enough. What lampreys might do is attack all the animals they can until they get stoped by the government.
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Third sub question - "What might lampreys suck on?"

I chose this question because it's good to know what fish attacks lampreys and what could happen if they attack a whale, star fish etc; The answer is lake trout, brown trout, white fish, ciscoes, burbot, walleye, catfish, coho salmon, rainbow, trout/steel head, and probably more by this day.

Fourth sub question - "How might fisherman effect lampreys?"

I chose this question because Fisherman took lampreys seriously and the government could get sued when they just worry about all the money their making, and all the other stores, fish places that run out. The answer to the question is they felt like fish might be extinct, and they took lampreys seriously. They also got confused at first then they started getting mad

final sub question, "How will lampreys keep harming animals/fish?"

Not really anything different. I chose this question because it tells the government what the lamprey eels will do before they do something. The answer to this question is it will suck the blood out of animals/fish until it dies and pretty much so a suicide mission.

Now for the answer to the main question!

Just saying the sub questions were supposed to help the government what other things/features the lamprey eels can do. But the answer to the main question is they have to study what animal/fish will need help on surviving, cant give up or save money just because they are almost extinct, and have to make sure they are paying attention to what fish that got attacked because they did attack a 30 foot shark one time.

Imagine a lamprey killed that!

And yes... I meant the shark
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