Family Values

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In "A Raisin In The Sun" by Lorraine Hansberry, the American Dream is unattainable in this story because they all have their own different mindsets of what the American Dream really is.

Theme Analysis

Family value is important to the Youngers because they need to stay together to get through hard times and they need to work together even though sometimes they might not get along.

Man vs. Society

Walter is faced with a decision, to live by his perspectives or to do what is best for his family.

Characterization & Quest For The American Dream

Mama: She is compassionate, loving, caring, loyal and optimistic. Mama wants her family to be happy and get along with everyone, she also wants their own house so no one has to fight and be unhappy.
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Characterization & Quest For The American Dream

Walter: He is selfish, delusional, greedy, negative, and stubborn. Walter, wants what Walter wants. He doesn't really care that his family has other plans, he has his mind set on that the Liquor Store is the answer to all their problems.
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Characterization & Quest For The American Dream

Beneatha: She is ambitious, argumentative, intelligent, adventurous, outgoing. Benetha wants to be successful and become a doctor.
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Mama's Plant: Her plant represents her children, she has hope for them even though they can't get along.

Walter's Eggs: Ruth used the eggs because she didn't want to talk about the problems, she repeatedly told him to eat his eggs.

Sunlight: When Walter finally gave him and started thinking about his family instead of himself.


In this story, they all want to achieve their goals but cannot because they all need the insurance money, no one can achieve the American dream.

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