World At War

Is It Worth It?

Letter To A Advertisement Group

Dear Editor,

This war has been going on for years now and my child needs to come home. I have seen pictures from the war and have read the letters that my son has sent me. He is only nineteen and his life has just begun. Thanks to the earlier advertisements you persuaded him to go to this war that doesn't even concern our country. My child just wanted to have the experience and now that he has he needs to come home. Too many lives have been lost and I believe most parents will agree with this but our children, brothers, and husbands need to brought back from over seas.


A Father At A Loss

Trench Warfare

During World War One Trench Warfare was a new form of fighting. In these trench's the soldiers were not only battling the enemy, they were battling the diseases and the weather that caused more deaths than the actual fighting. The diseases would affect the feet and there would be lice due to uncleanliness. During this time about 1/3 of million died from this form of fighting. These were also very helpful in which the soldiers were used to escape fire power from machine guns.

Letter Home

Dear Mother,

This war is becoming worse with each passing moment. My fellow comrades are falling down beside me and the mice have grown huge, there like the size of cats! These trench's have been flooded multiple times and many have died because of it. The enemy has used poisonous gases against us and I saw one man die because he was too slow to put his mask on. This war is terrible I have lost many friends and fear my days are coming to an end. Please have faith in me and never lose hope cause there is always the chance that I will come home to you.


Your Son

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