Multon Fine Arts Academy

enhancing the performance of the upcoming youth each day

we provide each and every student something that appeals directly to their own needs, to let the students show their creativity, to build their self-esteem, and let them grow to be comfortable in their own skin and what they enjoy doing.

Our school’s purpose and strive is as soon our students graduate from school they will be able to be successful in the fine arts world.

Our School Schedule

School will start at 8:00 A.M. and end at 3:10 P.M. STEM Class (8:00-9:11) L.A. and Social Studies Class (9:17-10:13) Fine Arts Core 1 (10:19-11:15) Fine Arts Core 2 (11:11-12:07) LUNCH (12:07-12:37) Fine Arts Core 3 (12:43-1:39) Fine Arts Core 4 (1:45-2:41) Free Stimulating Time (2:47- 3:10) School Day Over. The students are provided 6 minutes to transition. Also we have a traditional schedule not a year round.


“oh yeah we got a school named Multon, it’s a fine arts academy, you know we got a school named Multon, the warriors are the best that there can be…Blues the color of confidence it's something our students have that you won't forget purples the color of creativity and don't forget gold we keep it shimmery”


Although our school's main focus is fine arts we also do sports. We offer football. competition and sideline cheer, lacrosse, basketball, baseball, and golf.

What We Are

What we really like to use to represent ourselves is our colors. We use blue to represent confidence and intelligence. Purple represents our creativity, pride, and wisdom. Lastly, gold represents courage and passion that we believe all our students have.
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Our main school tradition which is required is to have your locker painted inside and out. Above is a good example of what your locker can look like