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Back to School Edition: Fall, 2015

Welcome Back to Another School Year!

Welcome Back! A lot has happened across the district over the summer months. There have been some exciting changes regarding Technology and Student Access. Technology is an ever-increasing part of each student's school day. Our district has grown to over 8,000 Chromebooks in the past three years, and additional bids are in the works.

You might be interested to know that the district is looking at going 1:1 for Chromebooks across the board. Parents would be asked to pay $25 per the four year lifetime of the Chromebook. Students who cannot fund the $25/per year will be backfilled by the district. It is still up for discussion and more research is being done. Edina and Spring Lake Park districts have moved to 1:1 usage already. Stay tuned for more!

Meet the New AhApps Domain Name and Login

There is a new sign in for AhApps. The account has been linked to Active Directory and it will link with all password changes. You or your students will no longer have to key in the 19 characters. It has been thankfully shortened. The new domain name is:

2015 District Technology Goals presented by Joel VerDeun to School Board

Goal 1: Investigate, develop and implement a set of standards and experiences for students that place emphasis on the 21st Century Skills Framework of Life and Career Skills, Learning and Innovation Skills, and Information, Media and Technology Skills.

Goal 2: Implement a district vision of an effective digital learning environment (DLE) that generates and replicates best practice ideas and scaffolds the skills of students to both learn about technology and to use technology to learn.

Goal 3: Realign or redesign district structures and resources so that they are aligned to effectively support the digital learning environment.

Goal 4: Provide an improved capacity building system for educators and leaders to better support a shift to digital learning.

Goal 5: Create efficiencies in operational areas of the school district to better support the work of educating students.

Goal 6: Improve our level of stakeholder involvement for the purposes of engagement, collaboration and support.

Thank You to the 2015-2016 RRE Technology Committee! You Rock the School!

A big Thank You to the following members of our 2015-2016 Technology Committee! Our first meeting is September 15th in the Media Center.

Sandy Perkerwicz: Chair
Open: Kindergarten
Julie Waldock: First grade
Josh Smith: Second grade
Nikki Weinert: Third grade
Cory Moore: Fourth grade
Tom Powers: Fifth grade
Paul Dudley: Web Master
Jessica Sandberg: Special Education
Melyssa Carlson: Integration Technology Teacher
Alice Hanley: Techno Genius
Deb Shepard: Administration
Ann Herlofsky: Administration

Atomic Learning and Technology Integration

Staff Development and Technology Integration is the new focus of Atomic Learning! They will still have "How To" videos that we all know and love. The new changes will feature fun and interesting ideas of how to integrate technology into your lessons. Go to the Atomic Learning and have a peek!
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