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I am Professor Hans von Puppet, archaeologist. I have spent my life without any sensational discoveries and I was thinking to retire.

But suddenly, a clue from the Hidden Book of Knights in Rhodes, lost for 500 years, changed my life. And this clue will change your life too.

Play the game in the CITY OF THE KNIGHTS in Rhodes and I will share with you the Secret of the Knights Hospitallers.

I will reveal the Game rules. The invisible hand will help you. You will win the Game and become the next Grand Master of Rhodes.

And remember: “the Mediterranean is the key to three Continents”.

designing the journey map
The Game serves to bridging the gap in the community and services. An ethnographical and anthropological approach used creates the enabling environment to improve the prototyped new services: The Game involves all local actors, e.g. shops, museums, restaurants, existing and new services which are being developed during the Project life.
Market Castellania prototype