Ludwig van Beethoven 1770-1827

A composer made of fire

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Beethoven's life

Beethoven had 6 siblings. But only 3 survived to adulthood. His calm, gentle mother Maria was greatly loved by Ludwig. However, his rough, hard-drinking, father Johann didn't get the same message. In 1787, Beethoven made his first trip to Vienna to play music. He earned Mozart's respect there. Beethoven's father died in 1792. Despite Beethoven's explosive temper, he made many friends in life. At the age of 28, Beethoven began to lose hearing. As time passed, his hearing decreased and he became more absorbed in his music. Beethoven contracted pneumonia in 1826. He never fully got better. On a stormy, suspenseful night in 1827, Beethoven passed away.
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Beethoven spent most of his adult life living in Vienna. At the time, Vienna was the musical heartland of Europe. Here in Vienna, Beethoven composed many of his works and made many friends. He died in Vienna in 1827
Beethoven-Fur Elise

Fur Elise

Above is a video of Fur Elise, one of Beethoven's piano solo compositions. This is another of Beethoven's pieces about women.


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Other Facts

  • 20,000 people lined the streets in a solemn parade for Beethoven's funeral.
  • "I shall hear in heaven" were Beethoven's Last words.
  • Beethoven was thrown into a custody battle for his nephew who once attempted suicide.
  • Beethoven had a very hot temper, he once threw hot food at a waiter. He swept candles off a piano during a bad performance. He even hit a choir boy.
  • Beethoven often wrote about women. Some of his pieces about women are Fur Elise, Or A Moonlight Sonata