Frederick II. The Great of Prussia

"Every man has a wild beast within him."

About Frederick

Frederick the Great was born in Prussia in 1740. He died in 1786.

Frederick's Political Views

He believed that everything action taken must be done so to strengthen the state and government. He wanted to preserve the nobility and have the lower class work towards strengthening the upper class.

Frederick's Goals

One of the things Frederick managed to do during his ruling was cease Silesia from Austria, eventually causing the War of Austrian Succession where he was known for being a great military commander.

Frederick's Veiws

Religion - All religions should be tolerated

Peasantry - Lower class should work to strengthen government

Nobility - Should be preserved and have a wealthy upper class

Military - Should have a strong standing army and well trained troops

Taxes and expenses - Spend little and tax heavily to strengthen the government

By John Ciulla, Robert Johnson, and Austin Stoppenhagen