You'll be coocoo for Morocco

The Basics:

Morocco is located in Northern Africa. It borders the North Atlantic and Mediterranean sea. It is between Algeria and the Western Sahara. Morocco has very mild four seasons. It rains a lot there and has cool summers and decent winters. It has a maritime climate, it is wet year-round and has mild winters. There is an additional 75 meter border between Morocco and the Spanish enclave. There's also 1,835 kilometers of coastline!

How to fit in:

Arabic and Tamazight are the official languages in Morocco, but French is used for all business, government, and political issues. In Morocco, people go to street markets on a daily business. Also, parents have a large influence on who their children marry and the parent have to make sure their daughter is pure if she is going to get married. Lastly, families always eat at night all together as a family. Almost all people take pride in their last name and also the religion that they practice. When you greet someones, it is extremely polite to shake their hand and then touch your hear to show that you feel warmth from their presence. During the 30 days of Ramadan, people can't eat or drink during the daytime hours. If people are caught doing this they can possibly be arrested or thrown in prison.

Digging Deeper:

Many people used to be known as an Arab or a Berber. But times have changed, most people now classify themselves as an Arab-Berber. Also, many people are differentiated by their race. Most people in Morocco are a Jew, white European, or a black African. Most families eat sitting on the floor from a communal bowl. Pastilla is one of the most common dishes, it contains pigeon, egg, nuts, and cinnamon. Morocco has been trading more and more recently, especially barely, wheat, vegetables, citrus, olives, and livestock. They also have adopted rock mining and they are attracting more and more tourism. The poverty rate has gone down in recent years, but is still not where people want it to be. 13% of people are still under the poverty line.
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