That Was Then This is Now

What Causes Crime?

Why do people do crime? Well like in That Was Then This is Now crime could be caused for many reasons, people do crimes for money, revenge, or to let out there anger on someone else even though they really aren't mad at that person. Those are very few of the reasons that people do crime in are everyday life but most of the reasons in Bryon and and Marks' life in That Was Then and This is Now. For Example, when Bryon and Mark hustle the texans.Then the texans find Bryon and Mark to kill them but Charlie gets in the way and gets shot and killed.

Crime Rates in America

Crime rates in America decreased for almost two decades but increased again in 2011 and 2012. The crime rate did end up decreasing once again in 2013 from 26.1 to 23.2. This information proves that crime rates in america are slowly decreasing through out the years. Like in Bryon and Marks' life in That was Then, This is Now throughout their life as they grew up the violence in their life decreased.
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homicides around the world

This is a info-graphic showing homicide rates around the world. This shows that violent crime is a world-wide problem.