Alfalfa(forage legumes)

Amanda Birks

States Where it Grows(Countries and US)

There are no specific states it is grown in; you can grow it about anywhere, with warm climate.

Examples: your backyard, a small garden, a field, etc.

Harvesting Alfalfa

  • Late Summer, Early Fall
  • You can do cuttings in the spring and so on for forage uses in livestock
  • This plant is a perinneal, so it will come back next year, while preserving energy over the summer

Where Can Alfalfa Grow?

You can grow it about anywhere with warm weather, but a little frost won't hurt the plant. You can grow it in places such as your own little garden, a back yard, and a field.

Uses for Alfalfa

Medicine: asthma, rhumatoid arthritis, diabetes, upset stomach, ect.

Vitamins: calcium, minerals, Vitamin A, B, and E

Livestock Feed

Fun Facts!

  • oldest known livestock feed
  • alfalfa fixes nitrogen in the soil
  • used to fatten cattle
  • increases milk production in all female livestock animals