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Happy Reading Day SAB!

Week 7--HOMECOMING WEEK, YOU SAY?! As you know all know, it's one of SABs most busy, rewarding and fun weeks of the year! Without each and every one of you, all these events would not happen on the OHIO campus. So, give yourself a pat on the back and know that you are wonderful, amazing and appreciated!

With that being said, this is your weekly reminder that we have Full Board tonight in **TUPPER 304** 8pm. Please brush up on the reminders below before tonight's meeting.

Upcoming Homecoming Sign Ups:

  • Homecoming Tshirt tabling, October 3-7: One shift mandatory- Sign up!
  • Must do ONE of THREE Paint the Town Green/Pack the Pantry Events (one already happened)*
  • * Paint the Town Green Supply Pick Up- Monday, October 10: Sign Up
  • * Pack the Pantry Food Drop Off- Tuesday, October 11: Sign Up
  • Pack the Pantry-Tuesday, October 4: Mandatory-sign up!
  • Yell Like Hell- Thursday, October 6: Mandatory-sign up!
  • Homecoming Parade, October 8-Optional- sign up
  • Blackburn Scholarship Pageant, October 8 @ 5:30 pm: SAB purchased one table and all spots are filled. If you need to cancel, please let Mak know ASAP so others can go! View here
  • SAB is sponsoring Tatiana Boykin for the Blackburn Spencer Scholarship pageant! Here's the link to support her: GoFundMe SHARE THE LINK AND GET A POINT!

Other Upcoming Signups/Reminders:

  • Mark you calendars: Signature Party will be October 16 the hour before Full Board (7PM) and the hour following Full Board. Attending either before or after the meeting is mandatory.
  • We are partnering with Paws for a Cause to raise money for the Athens County Humane Society on October 14! Sign up to help collect money, promote SAB, and possible PLAY WITH PUPPIES (yes, I said PLAY WITH PUPPIES).
  • SAB is hosting a cover letter and resume workshop on October 16. It was super helpful last year! Sign up here.
  • Full Board Retreat will be in West Virginia on October 22--SAB is lodging up! View the details here.
  • Mackenzie told you all about an uber awesome program called She Leads Ohio. Here's the link.
  • Dues were due three weeks ago! Pay Hannah. $30.00 per semester.
  • For absences, email Kayla @ ml085214@ohio.edu

We know there are a lot of upcoming events during the next two weeks, so check out the calendars below to help keep it all straight:

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Also, welcome the new members tonight at their first ever Full Board Meeting!

We already ♥︎ you all.

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For you:


That's all for now!

Happy Homecoming Week--love you long time SABers!


SAB Mission: To establish and strengthen the bond between current students and the Ohio University Alumni Association by creating diverse programs and creative activities that yield opportunities for students and alumni to connect with OHIO.