A Christmas Carol Background

Kaleb Klein

Charles Dickens and poverty

Charles Dickens live in England with his family. After his parents couldn't pay their debt they had to go to jail and their youngest, Charles Dickens, had to work at a factory to pay off the fee to get his family out. Then after a while he started writing books about the world around him, he started when he first was reported in a newspaper. He wrote a book The Christmas Carol, which most people know and love, about people in the higher class should help the people that were poor. Then poverty in England brought people to jail or on the street if they had no money. People would die out on the street or had no home or food. The biggest social issue with people was men going out drinking and gambling all their money away.

Victorian Era and Industrial Revolution

Victorian era was when Queen Victoria was born all the way to death. And they had railways installed to increase the travel time to England. It started in 1837 till 1901 and increased the population by a lot in England. The industrial Revolution started because the British started using coal and steam power. The Industrial Revolution happen all around the world.