Of Mice And Men


By: Aaron Sierra-Sanchez


Lennie wore a black shapeless hat and carried tight blanket rolls. A huge, shapeless of face, with large, pale eyes, with wide, sloping shoulders(Steinbeck Pg:4).


Somethings that Lennie said thorough the book was "Tend the rabbits" he said this multiple time through the book because he had somewhat and obsession on petting things and petting rabbits was one of them. "See ma' pup" (Steinbeck Pg.67) was another common quote that he said throughout the book, but he started to say it more during the middle of the book when he was given the pup. Another quote that is used by Lennie alot would be "Tell me about the Ranch George" (Steinbeck Pg:55). Lennie says this lots of time be he is very interested in his future and how he will spend his life. He has faith that he and George would be able to buy the little Ranch house and feed the chickens.


Of Mice And Men involved multiple amount of conflicts and obstacles that the characters had to face. As I've chosen Lennie as my character I can say that Lennie really never caused a conflict with any of the other characters. He isolate himself from causing any. If anything, conflicts coming from other characters cam an effected him. For example when Curley was looking for his wife and saw Lennie in the room. He started started a fight and attacked Lennie, Lennie not knowing what was happening did what he was asked by George and defended himself. This fight coming to an end with Curley having a broken hand. That would be one thing He could have made a conflict of, but from a perspective it would've been self defense.

Another situation that can be called a conflict was when Lennie was in the ranch house and Curley's wife coming in and talking to Lennie. She asked for Lennie to feel her hair and Lennie was a little too rough causing her panic. She tried to escape out of Lennie's hands which made Lennie panic, which made him grab her and keep her quiet. Curley's wife in an attempt to escape shook too much causing her neck to break. This part of the book is what changed everything. Curley even more furious when to look for Lennie with the intention of killing him.


Change: Lennie didn't really changed throughout the book. The only way Lennie might have changed was be isolating himself from his surroundings. He did this because George told him to stay out of trouble, but he also did so to prevent having an encounter with Curley's wife, something that George also told him to do.

Similarities: Something that i think both Lennie and I have in common are that we both tend to forget things regularly. Lennie forgets things or remembers them when their brought up, me on the other hand forget things and remember them at last second.

Characterization Part 2

Flat VS. Round

Lennie is a flat character because over the course of the book he goes through little to no change. The only time he changes is when they found the job at the ranch because George told Lennie to avoid talking to Curley's wife, so Lennie somewhat socialized less. The only time he went out was when he had work to do at the ranch and when went to pet his pup.

Static vs. Dynamic

Lennie is a static character because throughout the book he doesn't encounter any change. He's basically a steady character. The only things the would change the character that plays Lennie would be things that are caused by others, but in this case almost nothing all characters do effect him that why i thing Lennie is a static charcater.

Antagonist VS. Protagonist

Between Protagonist and Antagonist, i think that Lennie would be a protagonist even though some auther's only involve one Protagonist character son use words in reference to two protagonist characters. Protagonist can be considered that good guy, like bad guy vs. good guy or super hero vs. super villain. Lennie in the book would be a protagonist character, you can also consider George a protagonist character as well because he too plays a positive character in the book.

The Antagonist characters in the book would be Curley and his wife. They are both Antagonist because they both cause trouble to the two protagonist characters. Curley because he picked a fight with Lennie with ended with his hand broken and Lennie scared, because he thought he had done something wrong. And Curley's wife because she too caused trouble to the two characters aside from the rest of the men that worked at the ranch that were fired and had altercations with Curley because she was too flirtatious to the other men.
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